What’s Up

I suppose it’s time to revive the “What’s Up” series! It’s been an incredible week although I’m feeling far more run down than I expected.  Such is life as a full time working momma!

My parents came this week to help us out.  Our Dayhome closes for two weeks in the summer – one in July and one in August so my mom was gracious enough to agree to come and watch Ezekiel.  It seriously has been so so so great to have them here. Ezekiel has LOVED getting to spend some one on one time with them and I’ve come home to supper every night :).

One evening I even got to squeeze in a walk around the neighbourhood with Ezekiel.  We got this 4-in-1 trike for him and he’s obsessed.


I made a huge change to my hair and cut off A LOT to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Every day at work I get a compliment about how great my hair is, and usually from people without hair due to their cancer treatment.  I felt like there is no better way to honour my patients practically.  I also just love the haircut!


My husband came up with a great idea for some outdoor decor – I’ll be doing a separate post on it.  I’m so excited to show you!

IMG_8836Finally, at 20 months old Ezekiel has started using some words.  I figured this would happen with my mom here.

Well that’s what was up this week.  I’m ready for a day off today!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

What’s Up


We survived my first week back at work.  I worked 3 twelve hour days and it wasn’t all sunshine and happiness, but I think we did pretty good!

Adjusting to new situations is never an easy thing, and for some it’s much harder than for others.  For my family, I adjusted the easiest, but I was going into a familiar situation, and a situation that I am passionate about.  So being at work was therapeutic for me.  It was great to get back to the ebb and flow of the unit, to interact with my coworkers, patients and families.  It was wonderful to use my mind in a different way, to think critically and medically.  Although emotionally Ezekiel adjusted fantastically his poor body was bombarded with germs of other kids and he is now fighting off what I think is a throat infection.  Thankfully I was off yesterday because he was the sickest then, not eating, not drinking and sleeping the day away.  I think with intermittent advil and tylenol he’s feeling a bit better today.  My poor husband is adjusting the hardest.  He’s finding the school/home balance to be quite difficult, I keep encouraging him that every new change takes time to adjust and before you know it this part of life with be our norm.

It’s a bit of a crazy week because of the way I scheduled my orientation shifts, and not all weeks will be as busy.  Ezekiel’s birthday is next week so my mind is stressing over the preparation for the party among the rest of my to do’s, and work shifts.  I keep telling myself that no matter what, in the end it’s all going to be OK anyway.  That’s been my life motto, and it’s never let me down.

So having said all that I thought I’d do a very delayed What’s Up post.  Here’s what we’ve been up to the last two weeks:

IMG_5271Getting our first community food box! 25 pounds of produce for $20, great deal and a great way to incorporate things I wouldn’t usually buy.

IMG_5284Taking a break from fiction and reading a book that blew my mind and will make me a better person.  Go get this now!

IMG_5296Late night cleaning in preparation for my parents arrival.

IMG_5300Learning how to stand up everywhere and consequently knocking things over.

IMG_5339Brushing up on some knowledge before my return to work.

IMG_5392Baking eggs for breakfast sandwiches to fail (I will never bake eggs again, worst decision ever).

IMG_5394Very slowly painting the buffet (this process has been agonizingly slow).

IMG_5396IMG_5398Enjoying having my dad around to do all the little tasks (and big ones).

IMG_5397Treating myself to my favourite coffee at the Farmers Market.

IMG_5406Learning how to hem pants, thanks to my mom.

IMG_5429_2Enjoying a snow day.

IMG_5439_2Recertifying for 12 hrs at work and getting my brain back into working mode.

IMG_5523Loving being back in scrubs.

IMG_5547Caffeinating myself after a long night with a sick babe.

Here’s to another week of enjoying the moments and finding simplicity.

What’s Up

Here’s what’s been up this week:

IMG_4976Trying to get E to eat more than just pureed food.


Going on baby free Cheesecake Cafe Dates with a good friend (sadly the first time since Ezekiel was born).


Mixing coffee time with play time.


Giving in to exhaustion and eating boxed pizza and cupcakes for supper.


Having just enough energy to straighten my hair, get dressed and hit the Farmers Market.


Exploring the city while the weathers still good.


Getting our flu shots (can you tell I’ve needed A LOT of coffee this week?).


Reading and re-reading and re-reading and re-reading books (and being thankful to do so!)


Forcing myself to get out and walk again.


Easing my tired and sore body and mind. IMG_5230Drinking many homemade London Fogs alongside yummy homemade scones.

Here’s to another week of enjoying the moments and finding simplicity.

What’s Up

Well this week has been pretty uneventful, and as I said before, just weird.  However, today I feel like I’m getting back to normal.  I’m feeling awake and motivated, even though I was up most of the night with a stuffy nosed babe.

Here’s what’s been up this week:


Failing epically at baking lactation cookies.


Trying to get immunized but being refused due to my drug allergies.  Apparently they put antibiotics in flushots, news to me! So I have to stand in line like the rest of the public to get a different type.


Once again being in awe of the incredible creation we have been blessed with.


Rearranging Ezekiel’s room because I was bored.

Here’s to another week of enjoying the moments and finding simplicity.

What’s Up

I really love these what’s up posts.  I love reflecting on the week and being reminded how great life is when you’re enjoying each moment fully.

So here’s what’s been up this week:

Fixing Washer
Fixing washers like it’s my job (also flooding floors like it’s my job).

Starbucks Gift
Being thankful for generous and thoughtful roommates.

Enjoying weekend breakfasts prepared by my husband.

Fall Decorations
Decorating for fall on a budget.

Fall Walks
Getting out for walks before the weather turns bad again.

Art work
Going to the Home Design Show and coveting every piece of art created by Brad Holt.

Fixing Deck
Being grateful for friends who are professional painters to fix really bad decisions.

Fall Photo Shoot
Doing photo shoots in my favourite place with my favourite people.

Tea, Scones, Editing

Enjoying tea, scones and editing photos.

Tea, Finger food
Celebrating small victories in textured food aversions with Ezekiel.

Erin Condren Life Planner
Getting ready to organize life as a working mom! (Full post on my life planner tomorrow)

Here’s to another week of enjoying the moments and finding simplicity.