Becoming Oily

I’ve been wanting to start writing a lot more about my journey with essential oils – why I love them, how I got started, and how we are using them.  As always I don’t really write unless I get a spark of inspiration and today that inspiration is coming from my husband jumping on my oily band wagon! So before the inspiration fades I’m going to just hammer out a post in true “Ashley” fashion.

I’ve been using essential oils for about 3.5 years now – ever since Ezekiel was a baby.  I’ve written before about how I really started to focus on wellness when he was a baby.  I’ve been back and forth on this wellness journey – one step forward a couple back, two steps forward one back and it goes on and on.  I’ve found beauty in this journey and I have no shame about my set backs because each one has taught me something new.  So anyways, when Ezekiel was a baby I ordered a starter kit from Young Living.  I chose Young Living after researching other companies and realizing that their Seed to Seal process was and is far superior to any other company out there.  I guess the gardener/farmer in me just really resonates with planting a seed, growing that seed and preserving the amazing product that comes from that, but I don’t think you need to be a farmer or gardener to appreciate knowing EXACTLY where the product is coming from and how it got there.

After receiving my starter kit I basically only used my oils for diffusing in replacement of candles as well as for all my own cleaning products.  I didn’t dive any deeper into the science of the oils or how they could really support our bodies and our health.  My main purpose in using them was to eliminate some toxins in our home, to have cleaning products that I could use while my small son could be right beside me helping and I wasn’t worried about him putting anything in his mouth or touching the products.

Fast forward to this past year, and specifically the last few months and I’ve been diving deep into the health portion of essential oils and I am BLOWN AWAY at just how incredible these little bottles are and how they are changing our lives.  I’m not going to share all of the ways here right now – that post would be far too long.  Here’s the thing: there is actual science behind these oils.  They may not be researched much in western medicine (but we are getting there!) but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t true science in the oils.  I used to think they were a bit “hokey” but since starting to learn the actual science I’m 100% a believer in these oils.  The same science that applies to any drug also applies to oils but oils are FAR superior!

Please don’t get me wrong – I am in no way saying we should all ditch the drugs we are on and use only essential oils.  I am currently taking two prescription medications and I will not be replacing those with essential oils but I WILL be supporting my body and all it’s systems with essential oils especially my immune system.  My husband is hoping to reduce the amount of prescription drugs he is taking by starting to eat healthier and use essential oils to support his body as well because the drugs he is currently taking definitely can be reduced by lifestyle changes.

So don’t think that just because I’m a bit more crunchy than before that I’m swearing off western medicine – not true and I don’t think that will ever be true of me.  What I am saying is that the less toxins and man made and manufactured things we put into our bodies the healthier we will be.  I’m so excited to be on this journey and the more changes I see in myself and my family the more I want to share!

If you have ANY questions at all PLEASE connect with me, I have so much more to share and I’ll be doing that on the blog from time to time but I really love a good one on one chat!

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Are you currently an oil user? Have they changed your life like they have changed mine??

Time for Change


Physical movement.

Something I desire so much to do but something I’m able to make a million excuses not to do.

It really is hard to find the time. With my husband at school late into the evenings most of the week I don’t have that time available.  By the time I get Ezekiel fed, bathed and sleeping I have to run the diapers through the wash, pack lunches for the next day and all the little odds and ends to tidy the house at the end of it all I’m ready for bed myself.  I wake up at 5 every morning so that I get about 30-45 minutes to myself in the morning with a cup of coffee and some blog reading – that is essential to my mental health and not something I’m willing to give up.

Yet even as I write out that excuse I’m counteracting them with arguments – if this was really important to me i would figure it out and make it happen.

That friends is the real hard truth.

As I continue on this transition to more natural living, being mindful of my body, mind and spirit has become a daily practice.  Yoga is something that has always interested me but something I’ve been reluctant to really try out.  I think a lot of it stems from fear – fear that I won’t be able to do it, fear that I’ll be worse than the person next to me, fear that I’ll let myself down, fear, fear, fear.  In a spontaneous leap I signed Ezekiel and myself up for a mom and tots yoga class with a yoga studio here in Calgary that specializes in children’s yoga (you should check them out, they are amazing). Every Monday I have this dread of going but every Monday I leave the class feeling so incredibly grateful for that spontaneous decision.

Since starting that Monday class I’ve been more and more interested in developing a stronger personal practice of Yoga.  Not just for the physical benefits but for the mental and spiritual benefits as well.  There’s a studio by my house that I’ve been eyeing for months and looking up classes etc. but I keep putting it off.

Last year I was so active because I had the time and I developed a love and habit.  This year I’m continuing to learn how to navigate my way through this journey as a mom.  I recognize that it’s a journey and I recognize that I really need to adapt things in my life to reach my long term end goals.  In this case it’s wellness – physical but also mental and spiritual (they all pour into each other don’t they?).  So I’ve done a couple things to help myself towards that goal in small steps:

  1. I ordered a Fitbit (off Ebay to make it a bit more affordable for me).  I’m hoping it encourages me to get up and walk for a few minutes several times a day to counteract all the sitting I do at work.
  2. Tonight I committed to 15 minutes of yoga practice each day at home. I pushed myself to just suck it up and do a youtube video.  It was a simple relaxation 15 minute sequence and it was absolutely perfect, in fact I wasn’t ready for it to be done when it finished.  That was such a great feeling.  I’m not making any promises here but I’m going to try my hardest to just do 15 minutes a day – that time commitment is nothing in the grand scheme of things and if it’s anything like the rest of my life, once I commit to a small portion it blows up into the rest of my life and I become devoted.  I’m banking on that, but I’m also going to have grace with myself.

Change comes with small steps, having realistic goals and expectations for myself is how I’m hoping to make a long term change in my life.