What’s Up

I can’t believe its Thursday again.  These weeks are going by far too quickly, but I’m trying my best to enjoy each and every moment.

Here’s what’s been up this week:

What's Up Oct 2/14Enjoying new shoes.

What's Up Oct 2/14Marveling at huge apples.

What's Up Oct 2/14Teaching Ezekiel how to drink from a bottle.

What's Up Oct 2/14Painting chalkboard walls.

What's Up Oct 2/14Pumping during morning devotions.

What's Up Oct 2/14Dreaming about how to refurbish this piece.

What's Up Oct 2/14Enjoying coffee on National Coffee Day.

What's Up Oct 2/14Cleaning out the hair from my vacuum head. #gross #longhairproblems

What's Up Oct 2/14Deep cleaning the fridge before grocery day.

Here’s to another week of enjoying the moments and finding simplicity.