Greenhouse Growing

Well! Dreams have become reality around here! In the midst of my ongoing health issues I’ve managed (with my dad’s help!) to get my greenhouse up and running.  Honestly, everything about it is more than I could have imagined.  I’m loving spending my time planting, water, and watching things grow!

I thought I’d share some progress pictures and share how things are going.  Although having a greenhouse makes growing food in colder weather easier, it’s also a little bit more work and complicated.  Temperature control has been a learning point from the start and I haven’t nailed it down yet but I think I’m doing pretty well so far!

Without further ado…..

  I knew my dad was coming to visit the first week in April so I wanted to get the base of the greenhouse layed out.  It was a bit of a trick to get him to help me, I was almost positive he wouldn’t be able to look at it while he was here without doing some of the work.  My plan worked!  He started by just securing up the floor – putting the plywood to the pallets and then we levelled it.  Thankfully it was the exact measurement of the greenhouse! 


 I worked nights Friday and Saturday, when I came home Sunday morning it was gorgeous outside and I couldn’t resist attempting to put up the greenhouse.  I was silly enough to think that I might be able to accomplish it alone.  In the end it took my dad and I (and an hour of my husbands help) 10 hours of work! That wasn’t even completely finished, the next day I did another hour or so putting the inside reinforcements up.  It was all worth it! 

  I decided to put a coat of black paint on the floor to spruce it up a bit and for a tiny bit of heat absorption.  I went to Ikea and bought some shelves and a cheap desk to act as a potting bench.  I went to Canadian Tire and got a cheap portable heater (one that is safe for in bathrooms and high humidity areas) and a cheap table fan.  I also bought two large black garbage cans to fill with water and act as a thermal heating source.  Right now it’s still getting too cold at night for them to do a lot but in a few weeks it should do some more of the heating.  I placed them on top of some sidewalk bricks I had laying around for extra heat absorption. The water in them gets quite warm actually, I was impressed. 

After it was all set up I went to work moving out the plants, repotting and planting more seeds! 


That old metal mailbox is an antique heirloom passed down to me from my dad.  It was bought in 1908 and has been in our family ever since, it was sitting in my shed for over a year just waiting for the perfect opportunity and I’m so happy to have it in the greenhouse! 

These were the tomatoes pre-potted. 

This is the extent of what I have so far that has been potted, there’s still so many seeds being started and 4 containers that have been planted.  

One afternoon I set up this potting station for Ezekiel to plant his own box.  He really loved the activity and is enjoying watching all the plants grow. 

Here’s some close ups of some of what is growing. 

And here’s the task lists and running inventory.  I’m going wild planting everything with full knowledge that I will have much more than I can plant and so I will likely have to sell or give some away. I just can’t help myself! 

This post has become extremely long! Next time I’ll write a bit about what I’m learning – things that are working and things I might change up. 

Cheers friends and happy growing! 

Downtime Highlights

The past few months in the midst of craziness I’ve really tried to slow down and enjoy the moments.  My main goal continues to be living simply and simply living, breathing in each precious minute and really trying to look for the beauty in everything around me.  I’ve also become a supreme coffee snob – so the caffeine intake hasn’t changed much!  I’m noticing more and more how much I love the outdoors.  My main lament about my current situation is that I haven’t found the time to go for a daily walk like I used to.  This little fact shows itself in the 15 extra pounds I carry around!

Enjoy the picture updates of my downtime for the last few months!

IMG_8344 IMG_8450 IMG_7729 IMG_7640


I have two favourite local coffee roasters that I frequent – Phil & Sebastian and Fratello.  Thursday mornings I always treat myself to a coffee at either of those places because normally Thursdays at work are C.R.A.Z.Y. and I always want to start my day on a good note.

IMG_8522 IMG_7988 IMG_7442


Of course I’m still enjoying coffee at home and sipping it outside whenever possible.

IMG_8539 IMG_8043 IMG_7582 IMG_7577 IMG_7451 IMG_7534

Every time I’m out and about I continue to try and capture the beauty I see through my camera lens.

IMG_7725 IMG_7556 IMG_7344 IMG_8017

I don’t feel like I need to mention my obsession with all things plants and flowers.  On Wednesday Ezekiel and I wandered around a greenhouse “ooo-ing” and “aaa-ing” over all the plants. I could do that every week.

IMG_8196 IMG_8136 IMG_8257

We were fortunate to be able to take a weekend away camping with some friends of mine and we all L.O.V.E.D. it!  Ezekiel was in his glory and Carlo and I soaked in the peace and calm of our surroundings.  We’d love to do it again before summers end.

Well there’s my downtime in a nutshell the past three months.

Here’s to continuing to pursuing simplicity and enjoying the moments of life.