I went into this motherhood thing thinking I had it figured out.  I am a fairly outspoken person, and could be a little judgmental when it comes to raising kids, there I said it.  I’m that (or used to be) person looking at how one person is raising their child and swear I wouldn’t do “that.”

Since becoming a Mama I’ve eaten a lot of humble pie.

Never ever sleep with your baby? Wait until you’ve had 3 nights on little to no sleep and you’ll try anything.

Let them cry it out? Wait until your sweet, innocent baby is hysterical and you’ll do anything to appease them and make them stop crying.

Never rock your baby to sleep? Wait until that baby wakes up inconsolable and you’ll rock him for hours to make him happy.

Still there are things I’m fairly strict about and my husband bugs me about raising kids in the wrong decade.  He thinks I’ve gone back to the 1950’s and in some ways I wish I did live in that decade!

I’m passionate about raising our children in a simple way and I hope to share some inspiration with you about food, toys, diapering, screen time, homeschooling and so much more.

I love having conversations about this topic and invite you to join the conversation in a safe, non-judgemental space because the truth is:

We are all just trying to raise good humans.

The method doesn’t matter as much as the intention.

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