Once upon a time I was very disciplined about food – the write up below explains all about it.  I decided to leave that up instead of delete it as I was updating this space.  The truth is that nutrition has taken a backseat in life and I have landed a long way away from where I would like to be in this regard.  Nutrition is a passion I hope to reignite in the near future.

[When my son was 6 weeks old we noticed he became incredibly unhappy and would scream and scream.  Although he was only 6 weeks old we knew that this was not his demeanor and that something had to be wrong.  We had already been dealing with reflux and had him on medication for that.  After a bit of reading I decided to try an elimination diet, thinking that it was something from my diet getting into my breastmilk and upsetting his tummy.  After 7 days of the elimination diet he settled and was back to his happy self.  The result of the elimination diet for me was a new found passion for simplified and nutritious eating.

My husband and I are both passionate about eating home cooked meals made from the freshest of ingredients.  Our goal is to provide our children with the best food we can produce and/or purchase.  Nutrition and food is a common topic of discussion in our house and we try and provide Ezekiel (and eventually Eden) with the knowledge of how food affects our bodies so that he can understand why we limit foods that are processed and have refined sugar.  Our desire is that our children will grow up equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to choose foods that fuel their bodies and provide necessary nutrients while limiting the amount of foods that do the opposite.

On a personal note this is definitely a life long journey for me and I’m trying to find a good balance for my body.  I struggle particularly with dairy, gluten and sugar.  I feel my best when I don’t eat them, but love all of them! After years of going back and forth from gluten free to not gluten free my body has been clearly telling me that gluten is now absolutely off limits.  Each time I try and reintroduce it I notice more severe reactions as well as added reactions.

I hope to share inspiration on simplified and nutritious eating, recipes which are family friendly, and food prep tips in this space.]

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