When my son was 6 weeks old we noticed he became incredibly unhappy and would scream and scream.  Although he was only 6 weeks old we knew that this was not his demeanor and that something had to be wrong.  We had already been dealing with reflux and had him on medication for that.  After a bit of reading I decided to try an elimination diet, thinking that it was something from my diet getting into my breastmilk and upsetting his tummy.  After 7 days of the elimination diet he settled and was back to his happy self.  The result of the elimination diet for me was a new found passion for simplified and nutritious eating.

In June 2014 I officially reached my goal weight of 145 lbs after losing 75 lbs! Beyond losing the weight, I felt so much better than ever before, or at least since high school! I have a condition called Marfan Syndrome that affects my joints and often gives me pain.  I have had chronic pain for as long as I can remember and for 2 years before becoming pregnant with Ezekiel I was on heavy NSAID’s daily to help with the pain.  Since losing the weight I have been able to only use NSAID’s intermittently.  This fact alone has inspired me to continue to fuel my body with wholesome ingredients.

My husband and I are both passionate about eating home cooked meals made from the freshest of ingredients.  If you browse our pantry you wouldn’t find any canned soups or boxed foods.  Our son eats a 95% vegan diet at this point which is refined sugar and dairy free.  We feel strongly about the meat we consume and only purchase from an animal welfare approved ranch.  Their animals are all grass fed and finished, and hormone and antibiotic free.  I struggle with the ethical side of consuming dairy but haven’t quite been able to give it up yet.

This is definitely a life long journey for me and I’m trying to find a good balance for my body.  I struggle particularly with dairy, gluten and sugar.  I feel my best when I don’t eat them, but love all of them! I try to limit them, some days are great, some days not so much.  Unfortunately when I returned back to work in November of 2014 I was so stressed and exhausted that my food choices quickly became worse and worse and I gained back 15lbs of what I had lost.  I’m steady now at this weight but I’m working at finding a good balance and losing those 10-15 lbs again.

For this blog I hope to share recipes and inspire you to live simply by eating simply!

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