I’ve always had a desire to garden and last year I started and I’m in love with it!

My goal with gardening is to be able to supply my family with some good homegrown food – similar to how I grew up.  It’s also important to me to remember that I am learning and I don’t have all the answers. Every mistake is an opportunity for improvement in the next growing season.  I’ve chosen to learn from the failures and rejoice in the successes.

I love to start some plants from seeds, this year I only did tomatoes and it was a struggle to keep them in the house with a curious toddler around.  Eventually (hopefully in the near future) I plan on buying a small greenhouse to be able to grow more from seed. Right now I have three 4×4 square foot gardens that I mostly grow vegetables in.  My husband and I have big plans to expand to a front perennial decorative garden and a fruit garden that will house some trees, bushes and vines – I can hardly wait for that one!

I get so excited for gardening season.  There’s something special about growing your own food, being able to wander into your backyard to pick out some vegetables for supper.  It doesn’t get much more simple than that!

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