I’ve been gardening since 2014 and each year I grow more and more passionate (and maybe a bit crazy) about gardening.

My goal with gardening is to be able to supply my family with some good homegrown food – similar to how I grew up.  Eventually we would love to own enough land to be able to supply the majority of our food ourselves.  I dream of a day that I don’t need to rush to the grocery store for cream, milk, butter, eggs or any vegetables because we have the resources to walk into our yard and get those things ourselves.

Each year we make changes to our gardens and what we grow, we succeed and we fail but we always learn! I find so much joy and excitement in growing our food and this is where I document all of it!

Since my health began deteriorating I have had to accept that I cannot do all that I would like but gardening will always be a part of my life in some capacity.

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