100 Day Project Update

When I started this years 100 day project I imagined that I would be doing a lot more painting. So far I’ve done one night of watercolour and that’s it. The rest has been knitting and some macrame. I finished two baby sets, and am currently working on a blanket that’s purely to use up yarn. I also made up some macrame plant hangers. I think I’d like to maybe try my hand at a macrame wall hanging at some point during the 100 days.

So here’s days 2-30/100 of my 100 day project.

Just missing the pompom on the hat
Two sizes
Much too long – double hanger.
Beads for a pop of colour.
Three single hangers ready for plants!
Current project.

The blanket started as a great vision but I made so many mistakes and made bad estimations of the amount of each colour I had. So now it’s just going to be a mish mash.

I’m curious to know what the next 30 days will bring for this project! I’m loving the freedom of just doing whatever BUT also the nudge to be creative daily.

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