Mid Spring Garden Update

I am severely lacking in the garden post updates!  The garden isn’t planted yet but we have been hard at work getting things prepared.  I’ve been wanting to do a bit of an update for a while but wanted to do some close ups with the seedlings but I haven’t got those done yet so I decided something was better than nothing!

I’ve become very interested in following all sorts of gardeners and farmers on instagram and I’m envious of everyone who has full lush gardens and have already had a harvest or two of certain vegetables.  Of course they are growing far more south than I am but still, it’s testing my patience! I will say that having the greenhouse this year is helping with settling the impatience I feel.  I still get to “garden” every day, just in a bit of a different way.  Most of the plants are thriving in there right now but that didn’t come without some bumps in the road.   I have 3 or 4 rectangular planters that I wanted to experiment with so I  planted a variety of leafy greens, some Tom Thumb Peas, Bush Baby Zucchini, and sunflowers.  They haven’t done the greatest and one of the boxes got knocked to the ground by my husband. I did learn that they shouldn’t be in direct sunlight in the greenhouse – just too hot, so I’ve got them tucked to the back of the shelves for some shade.  Some of the plants died – a combination of getting too dry and sunburn.  I have a hanging planter full of lettuce that is growing beautifully.  I bought 6 strawberry plants and planted them in planters to hang off the deck, we’ve already had our first taste.  The pepper plants are chugging along, once again slower than I like but they are showing promise.  The tomato plants are going crazy, several of them already flowered and the rest producing flower buds.  I spent a couple hours one day meticulously caring for each one, pruning suckers and any yellow leaves.  They really liked that and have grown immensely since then.   The geraniums are doing quite well – I did lose a couple of them that just didn’t seem to want to grow but have plenty left to go into planters.  The snapdragons are also doing pretty well – to be honest I’ve never heard of or seen snapdragons before growing them this year so I have no idea what I’m supposed to look for in terms of good growth.  I have 4 butternut squash seedlings that are also doing great – I need to get them in the ground asap though.

I have a variety of things I’ve started/attempted to start as well – lots of different types of flowers, a bunch of herbs, spaghetti squash, perennial grass, cucumbers, pumpkins.  I was surprised this year to realize what a difference the seed company makes to the yield of each seed.  One company in particular – I think I may have successfully started a few seeds at the most and everything else that I’ve attempted several times has been a complete fail.  So there’s a huge lesson for me – I will be getting rid of those seeds and not buying from that company again.  I’ve also bought from companies I’ve never tried before this year but who have great reputations so I’m excited to see how well they do.

Aside from the plants in the greenhouse, we’ve also been doing a lot of updating in the yard.  Last year I had 3-4×4 gardens, this year I decided I wanted more space to grow so I had my husband build me a rectangular garden around the already existing gardens.  It ended up being 5×16.  Then on a whim I decided I also wanted a garden that would be partially shaded for part of the day and had him build me a 3×14 garden along the bottom of our deck. We also have 2 more boxes to build for the front of the greenhouse which will be 2×4 and 2×6. This increases our garden space from 48 square feet to 142 square feet! That is insane! I may have gotten carried away with myself this year, but I’m excited to continue to learn and grow things! Wednesday I had 5 cubic yards of soil dropped off to fill the gardens, and it was a bit too much – oops! But it’s a great excuse to start working on the front garden.  I don’t know that I’ll plant anything this year but we will start getting the ground ready to plant next year for sure – lots of landscaping work to be done there and unlike the backyard where I’ve taken lots of short cuts (and a professional landscaper would cringe at what we’ve done) we’ll have to do it right in the front.  So I’m going to go ahead and taken the time to do it well. I’ll keep you post on that progress as well!

Here’s some pictures of the last month or so of growing:

























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