Garden Plans and Update

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have really big garden plans this year.  I think maybe I’m biting off a bit more than I can chew but I’m so excited to be jumping into this hobby with two feet. I shared my drawn out plans that I drafted in my Get To Work Book (I love this book, if you are looking for a planner I highly recommend it, the academic version is going on sale soon!) on Instagram but here it is for you too. 

A few weeks ago I purchased an 8×8 greenhouse!

I spent days and days (and continue to spend time) dreaming and planning, drawing and making lists.  I’m doing a pretty big revamp of the backyard.  If you want to see pictures of what the backyard currently looks like (or looked like in the summer anyways) you can go back into the blog and find any garden posts.  Basically it has a couple small shrubs and 3 4×4 gardens.  The plan is to add a greenhouse, with some flower gardens lining the walkway to the greenhouse and make the three gardens into one.

When I started this gardening hobby I was on maternity leave and really just needed a very inexpensive way to garden.  I found a couple sheets of plywood in our garage that was left from previous owners and so my husband built me two gardens.  I filled them with the cheapest soil I could find and that was that.  Then last year I wanted one extra garden for tomatoes and so we had some wood from old pallets and my dad built me another garden.  This year I’m ready to make the backyard pretty.  I’ve finally realized that this love of gardening is only growing not dwindling.  To me it’s worth the investment and so I took some deep breaths and spent the money to make the backyard something I love to be in.

The greenhouse is in a box in the backyard waiting to be built.  I have a truckload of lumber and landscaping supplies set to be delivered next week and then just to find the time with my husband to spend a weekend revamping everything back there.  I’m super excited!

For now this is what the seedlings have been up to.  There can’t be very much procrastinating on getting that greenhouse up, the tomatoes are growing like crazy and are very close to needing to be repotted.  I’m trying my hand at growing perennials from seed, so far I only have some Pampas grass going but I’m not really sure how that’s going.  It’s growing excruciatingly slow!  Like always, this year my main expectation is to learn, learn, learn and undertaking growing all my potting plants from seed is definitely going to be a learning experience!

Now for the photos from the last couple weeks:

So far these are the seeds I’ve purchased but I’ll more than likely pick up some more.  I can’t help but browse the seeds on my weekly plant store/nursery trips!   
This was the very beginning of the tomatoes, before the peppers even sprouted. 

The peppers finally sprouted and I’m so excited that everything I planted came up! 

The first true leaves started showing up around March 8 on the Tomatoes.


I planted the Pampas Grass at the same time as some Geraniums.  The grass sprouted really quickly but has been slow to grow otherwise.  The Geraniums were slower to sprout. 

My end table is becoming very crowded and I still have some more things to start before the greenhouse will be done. 

This was the growth a couple days ago. 

And this is what they look like today.  Not too bad! 

How’s your garden planning coming? Anyone out there as crazy or crazier than me?! 


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