Time Management

I’ve been thinking a lot today about time management because today is my get everything done day.  A couple days ago I had a rest, relax and take care of me day.

I often get comments about how  I “get so much done all the time.” I suppose it seems as though I accomplish a lot, but when I look at it I see a lot more that needs to be accomplished.  I’m starting to realize that it’s necessary for me to daily reflect on the tasks I’ve accomplished in order to give myself grace for the things that didn’t get done. Inevitably each day I go to bed with much more left on my to-do list then was there when I woke up that morning.  If I don’t allow myself grace I get so stressed out about what’s left.

Whenever someone comments on the amount I get accomplished the thing that flashes through my mind is the endless house “to-do” list I have going.  There are things on that list that have been there for 2 solid years – a good example of that is painting the walls.  I’ve learned though that leaving things on a to-do list is not a bad thing! Eventually they will get done, and if they don’t then it wasn’t too important anyways.  I’ve also learned that leaving them on the to-do list will eventually give me motivation enough to finish it. Sometimes I get in a mode where I’ll all of a sudden be so motivated to check something off that endless list and I’ll power through it in no time.  The office is a good example of that, it went from a disaster to completed in a day – all because I left it on the list until I got a spark of inspiration.  There is still a few things to do (I’m going to do the filing today! That’s a year and a half over due!) but overall it’s done.

It’s still hard for me to accept the endless lists will never get done though – despite knowing that it’s really OK.  I have this weird habit of thinking in time management mode.  From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I’m thinking about time and how I will fit everything that needs to be done today/the next day in the moments I have.  What time will I need to wake up tomorrow in order to finish my tasks? How long will I have in the morning to sit and relax before I need to get up and go? What time will I need to leave the house to get to the store, get the shopping done and get back for lunch and nap time? It’s a constant thought process of time and sometimes it’s really annoying and especially stressful if you have other people to plan around – like a husband and a toddler 🙂  If I need a rest day I actually have to mentally prep myself the night before to have a “lazy day” where I won’t have to think about time or to-do lists.

Weird right?

But that’s me.  Always needing something to do and always thinking about the next thing that needs to be done.

How do you manage your time? Are you stressed out about time like me or are you relaxed about everything on your to-do list?



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