Beating the Cold and Flu Season Naturally

For as long as I can remember I have been, what seems to me, unnaturally prone to being sick.  I remember all through college and then university having to have an endless supply of tylenol cold and flu on hand.

For the most part I just accepted what was and instead of fight it I let it run it’s course while medicating my way through it.  I knew that as soon as I felt a bit run down that the next day I’d have a stuffy nose which would last 7 – 14 days and on about day 4 or 5 my lungs would get hit, finally around days 9-14 I’d have the most annoying tickle in my throat that would force me to have coughing fits in the most awkward of times.

I thought I had some relief from this in the past.  From about 2012-2014 I was fairly healthy and happy to be so! Then, back to work for me and to daycare for Ezekiel which means being very tired and run down.  Mix that with all the germs in the world being brought home and I have been sick far more than I care to count in the past year (not to mention my poor toddler who gets the brunt of the germs).

I am so happy to tell you I have found the perfect mixture of all natural remedies that don’t just help me through a cold – they stop the cold from happening!

I know, you probably don’t believe me – I wouldn’t believe me either, but I’m telling you this works for me! It’s so amazing in fact, that I tell most people I know and I even share my supplies at the first mention of anyone getting sick.  I haven’t yet found something that is safe for my little guy but at least us adults can ward off the germs and take care of our littles in the meantime.

I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils for some time now, and originally I was so very skeptical of them.  When I bought them originally I thought if nothing else I’d be able to get rid of my candles and have an all natural scent to diffuse through my house instead but I’ve found them to be so useful in so many areas in my house.

Young Living’s RC blend is by far the most amazing results to me because I know my body and I know the exact course it takes when it gets a cold.  At the slightest discomfort in my chest I began to rub 2 drops of RC on my chest 3-4x/day and the results were almost immediate!  I’d inhale for a few minutes and the burning would subside.  I’m not joking.

I also diffuse Thieves to cleanse the air daily.

Then I take 2500mg of Echinacea 3x/day and suck on a Zinc Lozenger 5 times a day, doing this for 3-6 days depending on how I am feeling has helped me to not ever feel bad enough to have to take anything else.  This is amazing – pure magic.   Once I get a week of great sleep (which isn’t happening any time soon while I work nights) I’m back to feeling great.

If you are interested in trying out Young Living Essential Oils let me know, I’d be happy to lead you in the right direction!

Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of the winter!

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