Monday in the Garden

It’s been a wet cold week here so I haven’t spent much time in the garden.  I can feel the cold fall weather moving in which means frost is inevitable.  Pretty soon the garden is going to be barren and empty in preparation for the winter and snow.  In a few weeks these garden posts will come to an end.  It’s sad but I can look back at this year’s growing season with fondness and many more lessons learned!

With the cold coming and my busy schedule I want to make sure I can harvest without being rushed.  Today is Labour Day so I’m planning on doing a lot of tomato picking along with dumping my potato bin to see how well it did! Stay tuned next week for that news!

I didn’t expect to have flowers this late in the season but all my flowers are continuing to bloom and I’m loving it!

Here’s what the gardens look like today:

IMG_0890 IMG_0887 IMG_0889 IMG_0893 IMG_0892 IMG_0888 IMG_0894 IMG_0891

Update: I wrote this post this afternoon before I actually went out and did the harvesting! (The photo’s wouldn’t load so I couldn’t get it up until now) It was a lot of work but i can’t wait to finish it to completion.  I’ll have a better update next week!

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