Monday in the Garden (and other ramblings)

It’s Monday morning at 5 am and I have been awake for an hour – the worst part is I don’t even have to work today!  That’s likely the reason I’m awake and unable to go back to sleep – stress.  For the most part I’m a fairly non-stress person, but when it comes to money that all changes.  Recently I’ve had to change my schedule from working more than full time to working just full time.  I do understand that rationally speaking it’s insane to be stressing over the fact that I can no longer work more that full time hours.  However, the unknown of budgeting everything sometimes gets the best of me.  On top of being stressed over the financial implications I’m just overall sad that I’m being forced out of a situation that I have thoroughly been enjoying.  Sometimes that’s the way it goes right? Just when life started to feel good, and we were all used to rhythm of this life it all changes.

It’s not all bad though! I will now have 3 days a week with Ezekiel instead of one, also I will have a much better social life! I am already enjoying those benefits and I will cherish them while they last.  In every transition in life – whether it is welcomed or not – I try my best to allow myself to feel all the feelings and then move on to looking for all the blessings and remind myself that ultimately God’s will for my life may play out in a way I didn’t expect and THAT’S OK.  God’s love and His will is what matters and what I desire – and sometimes I can lose that perspective when I’m working non-stop trying to provide for my family – He’s got me and I know that He’s already taken care of every one of my worries.

Alright so now that I’ve rambled on let’s look at the garden this week! Things are slowly (or quickly!) wrapping up in the garden. IMG_0778 IMG_0780 IMG_0711 IMG_0713 IMG_0710 IMG_0719

IMG_0793 IMG_0794

My peppers are officially done – they were so fun to grow and watch develop.  I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.  My tomatoes are still slowly ripening.  I’m thinking of topping them off – but it would take a LONG time to actually get that done and sort out which plant is which.  Maybe if I’m feeling particularly motivated one day during nap time I’ll do that.  I originally wanted to be able to can all the tomatoes but right now they are ripening at a perfect rate for us to just eat.   There’s only about 2 weeks left in the growing season though, and then my whole house will be covered in green tomatoes.  Surprisingly I have some carrots growing.  I planted them extremely close and then did bother to thin them out, the other day I took a look and was pleasantly surprised to see some carrots that were larger than I expected – still not giant.  Yesterday I spent some time picking some babies out of the group in hopes that I’ll get the others to grow a bit larger.  I think this harvest of true baby carrots will be lovely steamed with some butter.  The pumpkins as well as cucumbers and squash are a lost cause, I’ll be up rooting them this week – in the meantime I do enjoy the blooms!  There are a couple zucchini on the vine that I’ll pick this week.  The beets are useless and I’ll uproot those as well.  The corn has about 7 husks growing – likely only a few of them will mature to good sizes but I’m excited to eat them!  The morning glories and sweet peas are continuing to bloom which brings me daily joy!

Well that’s it for this week in the garden.  In some ways I’m excited for the end but in others I’m sad to see it go.  I do wish we had a much longer growing season but such is life on the prairies!

How’s everyone else’s garden’s doing? Anyone else wrapping it up in the next couple weeks?

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