What’s Up – Long Weekend Adventures

Working 55 hrs and 6 days per week I rarely get a chunk of time when I can just go and adventure with Ezekiel.  On my one day off I try my best to get him out and about allowing him to explore to his hearts content.  This past weekend I decided to take Sunday off and I had Monday off as it was a holiday and we were able to do so many fun things.

Both my husband and I were feeling the need to get out of the city, and we are blessed to live so close to the Canadian Rockies – we don’t go often enough considering they are only about an hour away – so we decided that Saturday we would make a day trip to the mountains.  We left around 8 in the morning and drove to a small town about 30 minutes away for breakfast and coffee and I was so lucky to find a place that served one of my favourite local roasters.

IMG_0321We were planning on going to a popular and easy hike to Grassi Lakes in Kananaskis but accidentally drove right past it, and I thought we could get there a different way.  Long story short we were 45 minutes away and found a different hike we knew nothing about that ended up be perfect called Burstall Pass.  It was quiet trail with not many other hikers and the first part of it was super easy.  We only ended up doing about a km of the 7.4 km trail but Ezekiel was able to do most of it on his own and really loved exploring everything.  At one point we veered off the trail and followed the sound of water and ended up finding a nice little secluded spot that we could sit and watch the water and it was shallow and safe enough for Ezekiel to play on the edge.  It was gorgeous and so worth the extra drive! 

IMG_0124IMG_0129IMG_0322IMG_0152IMG_0320IMG_0211IMG_0328IMG_0325IMG_0326IMG_0328IMG_0345Right while we were driving away we got to visit with this fella.


We then drove to Canmore for something to eat and do a bit more exploring.  We found a non-busy Mexican restaurant that served REALLY good food.


After lunch/supper we walked down to the river and did a bit more playing in the water.  I think this was Ezekiel’s very favourite part.  I actually couldn’t believe how much he loved it considering how cold the water was.


After that it was home and to bed for us.

Sunday Carlos spent some time studying while Ezekiel and I went out for another adventure walk in Fish Creek Park and then to visit a good friend.  We ended up finding some Raspberry and Saskatoon berry bushes and just foraged for a good 30 minutes. Ezekiel was covered in berry juice and very upset when we ran out of berries to eat.

IMG_0394 IMG_0399

That evening we went to the market and then met Carlos for supper at a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try out.  It is very pricey considering our current financial situation, but seriously worth it.  If you are ever in the Calgary area you should definitely check out The Nash!

IMG_0429IMG_0427Monday Ezekiel and I met a friend and her son and checked out Calgary’s East Village.  We got a coffee (of course) and my other favourite roasters – Phil & Seb, and then walked by the river to the new St.Patricks Island.  It has a great area for kids to play in the water and of course Ezekiel loved it.  The playground is geared to older kids and was actually a bit dangerous for an adventurous toddler.


Ezekiel and I ended the weekend with a walk and play in the park.


Honestly it wasn’t a relaxing weekend.  In between the adventures I still did all the laundry, cleaning and food prepping that I normally do.  When I went to bed Monday night I was certain I was going to wake up very exhausted but today I have been surprisingly energetic.  I suppose even if you aren’t strictly “relaxing” time spent with loved ones has a way of rejuvenating you. It was worth it and I’m already looking forward to the next time I can do it.  For now it’s back to the crazy work schedule!

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