Monday in the Garden

Ahhhh, what an incredible (and incredibly busy) weekend I’ve had. Sorry for the late garden post, I’ve been preoccupied and didn’t get this done in time!  This weekend is a long weekend in Canada and I made the decision to take all three days off and it could very well be the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  I’ll do a recap later on in the week, for now lets look at the garden!


The cherry tomatoes are slowly turning red, I get about 5 a day to snack on.  Literally there must be over a hundred cherries so I’m not worried about saving them.


The bigger tomatoes are still growing and I see new ones each day.  None are turned red yet but today I saw one that looks like it might be on it’s way.  I’m waiting for that day to eat a fresh tomato sliced on some toast!


Despite the hail damage it seems like the corn might produce something.  The garden that the corn in growing in dries out so quickly due to the large plants (huge tomato plants and 8 corn plants) and I’ve come to learn that corn is not drought tolerant at all.  I have to keep on that watering!

The pumpkin plants haven’t produced any fruit (so I’m not expecting anything to happen now) but there have been a couple blooms.  The leaves have turned more yellow than even last week.  I tried fertilizing but that hasn’t helped.


Pretty soon I’m going to be picking a daily snack of peas and tomatoes!

Last year my zucchini’s were pathetic and didn’t grow at all, so I’m so thrilled to have two zucchini’s and hopefully more on the way! I must have attracted some insects to pollenate because I’ve done nothing to that end.


Everyday it seems the garden grows a few inches, especially the tomato garden.


The pretty hanging baskets are now hidden by tomatoes.


I think the tomato plants in the end garden are going to grow taller than our fence.

IMG_0373Beautiful pumpkin blooms.

Well that’s it for this week.  I’m exhausted but feeling so fulfilled after a wonderful three days off! Have a fabulous week friends!

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