Monday in The Garden

Ah the garden – my place of peace.  I’m still loving getting out there to check up on everything at least once a day.  The days have cooled off a bit around here so I’m not spending many evenings out there. Last week we had a couple days of hail, thankfully our area didn’t get as much as other places and I haven’t noticed a lot of damage, just some shredding to the corn.  I am seeing a bit of bug destruction, a some yellowing and discolouration to some of the plants but I’m so amateur at this that I have no idea if I should do anything or what I should do! I’m just going to keep an eye on it and let it be for now.  I haven’t been spending much time out in the garden this past week, but for the most part they are fairly low maintenance – that’s what I love about raised beds.  I should be able to use the lettuce now, the spinach is done and I’m pretty sure the kale is done as well.  I didn’t use as much as I should have but I planted more spinach in the hopes that I’ll get one more harvest before the end of the growing season.  The problem is that those squares don’t get much sun anymore because of the giant corn on one side and the giant tomato plants on the other.

Let’s get on to the pictures!


The squash, cucumber, pumpkins and zucchini have started to get pretty big, but there’s some yellowing to leaves.  I’m hoping it’s a normal thing and not a deficiency thing.


The peas are blooming! It won’t be long before we can go out to the garden for a bit of a snack.


The morning glories are growing tall but I’m anxiously waiting for blooms. Notice in the background the broccoli leaves that are being eaten by something – I didn’t have much hope for them anyway since I should have started them indoors and I knew they are very prone to bugs. 


The onions seem to be getting large.


I couldn’t be more happy about the peppers!


The beginnings of cucumber blooms.


I would really like to try and train these to climb the trellis.


Yellowing underneath – I’m fairly certain this is due to low sunlight and a normal thing when it’s at the bottom of the plant.


My big issue last year was that my zucchini’s weren’t being fertilized by bees and not maturing.  I’m really hoping that the flowers I have out here have attracted enough bees to fertilize things.


I’m a tad bit concerned about these spots I’m noticing on my tomato plants.  Just watching and waiting at this point.IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018

Despite the spots I’ve got lots of tomatoes coming!IMG_0019 IMG_0022

My radish leaves are being eaten too.


Yay for red tomatoes!


This is some hail damage to my corn, and it looks like someone tied this one up! Odd!IMG_0027IMG_0029

Time to start eating some lettuce!


The basil is coming along.  I’m dreaming of tomato basil pizza.

IMG_0032I’ve seen some blooms on my potatoes, I’m really hoping for a great harvest.

Well that’s it for this week.  Thanks for checking in, let me know how your gardens are growing, and be sure to leave me some tips!

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