Monday in the Garden

It’s Monday! Not my favourite day of the week, but it’s made much better by getting to show you my gardens!

Let’s take a look – first let me make a disclaimer.  My phone is broken (insert crying here) and part of what’s broken is the camera lens and I didn’t realize until this morning that some of my photo’s are really cloudy because of that.   I’ll be getting it fixed within the week!


The three tomato plants in the farthest garden are seriously out of control.  I actually am so overwhelmed by how large they are, I’ve had to anchor my anchor posts to the sides of the garden but still they were falling all over the place! Also the branches are covering the entire garden leaving no room for the rest of the plants to get sun.  I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of solutions and a better system next year.  For this year I’ve literally had to tie the branches up and basically wrap the plants up, I also had my husband help because I couldn’t do it alone! It’s so nuts.


We had some rain and lots of wind last week so I had a lot of damage control to do afterwards.  The tomato plants are falling everywhere!


An aerial view of the tomato garden.IMG_9052 IMG_9053 IMG_9054

The other garden is really thriving too! I’ve also had to work on controlling the plants a bit here too. IMG_9055 IMG_9056

I made some bamboo teepee stands for the Morning Glories and Peas.IMG_9057 IMG_9058 IMG_9066 IMG_9061

And then I added a second trellis.  I’m hoping to get most of the stuff to climb up the side.  I think it would look beautiful!


You can also see how large my potatoes are getting.  I’ve actually since moved the bucket, they were starting to overflow into each of the gardens.



There is going to be a tonne of fruit! IMG_9071 IMG_9073 IMG_9075

Less than a day after building the teepees the Morning Glories are already climbing right to the top.  I can’t wait for them to bloom!

A demonstration of how large those plants are! I’m about 5’10! IMG_9087 IMG_9090

The last of the spinach – I’ve replanted and I’m hoping to get a second crop this year. 


Finally, here’s a pic after my husband help tie up the largest of the plants.  It’s not really clear in this pic but I used blue yarn because yesterday I couldn’t find any plant ties/tape at Walmart and just had to use what’s on hand.  Not pretty but so practical.

How’s everyone else’s gardens coming along? Anyone have some solutions for my tomatoes next year?

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