Game Changer

IMG_8847This past week I’ve made what could possibly be one of the biggest life game changers for me.  I’m actually astounded at what a huge difference this little change has made to my life.  The crazy thing is it’s not a new concept, it’s not something I haven’t tried before, but this last time of trying it has been exactly what I needed.

I started doing food prep.

That’s it! I know, not earth shattering for most people.  If you’ve been here for a while you’ll recall when I started doing some food prep before going back to work after maternity leave.  Well I went back into shift work and for the last 7 months I haven’t been doing shift work, I’ve been doing Monday – Friday 8-430 and then Sunday’s 7-7.

I thought being home every evening would give me plenty of time to prep food each night for Ezekiel and my lunches.  What actually ended up playing out is that I would get home, try and prepare supper with an incredibly “hangry” toddler at my feet.  After finally getting some food into him I would march him upstairs we’d play for a few minutes while he bathed and then he was off to bed.  I’d come downstairs, run the diapers through a rinse cycle, clean up supper, and then prepare lunches.  After the lunches were prepared I’d do any little extra tasks that were needing to be done – water the garden, mow the grass, sweep the floor, clean a bathroom etc.  When all was said and done I was falling into bed at 930 never having a moment to sit and relax, it was always go go go go go, and I was so exhausted all the time.

So last Saturday I spent Ezekiel’s nap prepping and dividing food for our lunches.  Everything was placed into individual containers, literally all I have to do is grab the containers and put them in our lunch bags each morning. I’ve also decided I would plan 3 easy one pot and/or crockpot meals for our suppers each week and then just eat leftovers the other nights.  My husband will cook Friday-Sunday normally anyways.


That’s it! It’s been an absolutely life altering change to my routine and I’ll never go back.

This week has been a dream! Every night this week Ezekiel and I have had over an hour of playtime together not including bath time and supper time.  We’ve walked the neighbourhoods, we’ve read books and cuddled, we’ve put together puzzles, we’ve wandered outside and watered the garden (one of his favourite tasks).  Having the one on one time with him where I’m not distracted by trying to finish up all my tasks has been amazing.  Not only that but every evening this week I’ve had time to myself.  I’ve been able to do whatever I feel like from 730 – 930 each night.  I’ve read, I’ve browsed, I’ve watched and I’ve loved it.  The last major thing it has changed is my energy every day.  I’ve been asleep by 930 every night this week and up around 515 in the morning and I’m not struggling through my days.  I’m awake and able to focus, I don’t feel like I’m on the verge of sickness every day and that is incredible.

So this is me advocating that every person start food prep! It has completely changed my life, and I really think it would be a game changer for most people.   I’ll document my process this Saturday and take you through step by step how I do it next week.

Ciao friends!

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