Monday in the Garden

Another week is already gone! Summer goes far too fast and it even seems faster when I’m working so much.  The garden definitely shows some great progress this week.


Here’s an aerial of the garden from the top floor of my house.  Also a bit of a sneak peek on a project my husband did for me!


I often enjoy my coffee in the morning while admiring my garden growth.  It’s no secret I’m obsessed!


I did a harvest of some greens and was able to make 4 large salads out of this.  I packed three for lunches this week and we had one for supper on Saturday.


I’m anxiously waiting for the blooms to show on my cucumbers, squash, zucchini and pumpkins as well as my Sweet Peas, Zinnia’s and Morning Glory’s.   I did a very poor job of planting my carrots (scattered seeds and covered with dirt) another lesson in laziness! My onions seem to be doing well, I’ve trampled down the tops hoping that the bulbs grow larger.  My beet tops are quite small, I’m hoping for some great beets under there.  The broccoli was a hopeful thought but I am pretty sure it won’t get much since I didn’t start them indoors first.


The potatoes are growing like crazy and the dirt is almost to the top.  I can see some flower buds forming which is a great sign for hopefully a large harvest! Also my hanging flower pots have grown immensely.



Potatoes again!

IMG_8872My pepper plants have 7 peppers growing between the four of them.  I’m pretty excited about those and hoping for some more! I’m not doing anything to them to encourage better or bigger growth this year, just letting them do their thing.


And of course my favourite of them all, my tomato garden.  They have really took off this week and they are growing bigger and stronger with new fruit every day.



This garden had a few mistakes.  There’s so much tall plants on the outsides and little plants on the inside.  The inside plants are being shaded too much to make much progress.  Next year I’ll revamp this and make sure I plant things that need lots of shade in there. IMG_8877 IMG_8882 IMG_8883

And some more of my tomatoes to end this post!

Thanks for stopping by, tell me how your gardens are doing!

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