What’s Up

I suppose it’s time to revive the “What’s Up” series! It’s been an incredible week although I’m feeling far more run down than I expected.  Such is life as a full time working momma!

My parents came this week to help us out.  Our Dayhome closes for two weeks in the summer – one in July and one in August so my mom was gracious enough to agree to come and watch Ezekiel.  It seriously has been so so so great to have them here. Ezekiel has LOVED getting to spend some one on one time with them and I’ve come home to supper every night :).

One evening I even got to squeeze in a walk around the neighbourhood with Ezekiel.  We got this 4-in-1 trike for him and he’s obsessed.


I made a huge change to my hair and cut off A LOT to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Every day at work I get a compliment about how great my hair is, and usually from people without hair due to their cancer treatment.  I felt like there is no better way to honour my patients practically.  I also just love the haircut!


My husband came up with a great idea for some outdoor decor – I’ll be doing a separate post on it.  I’m so excited to show you!

IMG_8836Finally, at 20 months old Ezekiel has started using some words.  I figured this would happen with my mom here.

Well that’s what was up this week.  I’m ready for a day off today!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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