2015 Garden Dreams

I have a dream this year.

To have enough tomatoes to be able to make marinara, canned tomatoes and salsa to last us at least 6 months.


On top of that I’m really hoping that every vegetable in the marinara and salsa can come from my garden.

Lofty dream considering last years garden was 90% failure.

Despite the failure’s of last year I’ve decided to press on this year.  I may have been a bit ambitious though, I currently have 20 tomato plants growing in my living room (so far my toddler hasn’t destroyed them, not sure how long they will last though).

Yes, 20.


I’m considering gifting a few once they are ready to be planted into the garden.  I’m also hoping to build one more square foot garden to house most of the tomatoes.

Tomatoes potted

More exciting than my 20 thriving tomato seedlings, is my 4 thriving pepper seedlings! Last year I wasn’t able to get the peppers to sprout.  This year I had an idea to separate them from the tray of tomatoes after the tomatoes had sprouted, I then put them in a plastic ziplock and 5 days later they were poking their leaves up! I am thinking of keeping them potted and just growing them in pots on my deck so I can bring them inside in the fall when the weather starts to cool off.

I’m seriously so excited about gardening this year, and I have high hopes that I’ll get more than just tomatoes!

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