A New Hobby

It’s March! Where is 2015 running off to?

February was a month of sickness in this house.  More and more I’m finding myself wishing spring would come sooner.  We are starting to get stir crazy and I’m ready to get out on walks and play in parks.

Alas, it is still winter, and we are inside for at least a little while longer.

Friday my computer charger completely broke and so for the time being I am without a computer. This poses a problem in the evenings when I just want to sit and relax with Netflix in front of the fire.  Friday night I found myself alone after Ezekiel went to bed with two options: go to bed or find something to do.  I am trying to get in the habit of not going to bed so early every night so I began thinking of relaxing things I could do.  Of course there’s always cleaning and organizing I could do but I was wanting something besides my to do list.  Almost instantly I remembered the stash of yarn I have.  A perfect solution!

So off I went to retrieve it along with a crochet hook.  I’ve known the basics of crochet for years but have never applied myself long enough to learn anything beyond a single crochet.  So I took five minutes to look at a couple tutorials and then I picked up the yarn and hook and just started, and it is lovely.

My new evening hobby is surprisingly relaxing and gratifying.  I’m hoping to be able to finish a blanket with my entire stash and then move on to something else.

What are you occupying your evenings with?

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