Back to Priority

Last year I was so fortunate to have had a great break through in my life in regards to food and nutrition.  You can read more about that here. However, since going back to work I’ve been struggling far more than I expected.  All the things I mentioned I was learning about? Ya, those are all still being learned and definitely reinforced.

2015 has not had an easy start when it comes to health for me.  I’ve had strep throat twice, a couple colds and the stomach flu.   On top of all of those things, I’ve just not been feeling great.  Definitely not feeling anything like I felt last year at the peak of my nutrition breakthrough.  I’m frequently feeling sluggish and a bit nauseous.  I am far more liberal with my treats and exceptions.  I eat way too much gluten and refined sugar, and drink far too many cups of coffee in a day.  Generally I think I eat a diet that is closer to healthy than unhealthy.  I still eat ample amounts of fresh produce, I still eat meat that is grass fed and finished and antibiotic free but my body has hit a point that’s telling me strict is better.

As I sit and type this out I’m feeling exceptionally unwell and it’s a wake up call for me to stop being so liberal and get back to being more conservative with what I put in my mouth.  It doesn’t help that it’s winter and I’m working full time so I’m not able to get out for a daily walk like I used to.   Side-note: working momma’s who also find time to hit the gym or even just work out at home – you are my heroes!

So it’s back to less treats and more fruit.  It’s back to tracking my food and feeling well.  It’s back to the simplicity of pure nutrition from real food.  Less process and more nature.  It’s back to making this a priority.

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