Simple Thought

IMG_6811I find my mind preoccupied this morning with all the “to-do” lists I rely on to try and gain control.

I struggle with the things I need/want to do and the time that I need/want to spend with my family.

As I was pondering this reappearing feeling (it seems to come and go like the waves of ocean tides), I asked myself:

What are the top three most important things to you?

That’s easy to answer: Faith, Family, and relationships.

From there I thought, every to do list, every need/want should serve to strengthen those things directly and then if there is time and if there is desire, tackle the rest of it little by little.  Forget about needing to fill the walls with decor and organizing the clothes by season and color.  Forget about having every item in place at every second of the day.  Make your lists work for you so that your priorities, your top most important things in your life, remain in the top spots.

It’s a freeing thought.

I’m still working on it, and it’ll be a daily struggle I’m sure but I’ll get there little by little.

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