Lent 2015

Lent is something I’ve never really participated in with any diligence.  This year I’m changing that.  I’m participating in Lent this year to declutter my mind and soul and “reset.”

If you know me at all, then you know I love Instagram.  I spend more time than I like to admit in the Instagram rabbit hole.  So this year for Lent I am giving up Instagram.  I deleted the app from my phone on Wednesday and I won’t put it back on until April 2.


I’m also going to attempt at being consistent with something called “The Morning Page.”  This week I discovered a wonderful blog called Chatting at the Sky.  Emily Freeman mentions the morning page as a sacred space.  Sitting down and writing whatever comes to mind first thing in the morning as a way to unload your mind for the day making room for whatever the day holds.  I’m interested to combine this with my instagram fast and see what happens.

Are you participating in Lent this year?

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