Essential Oil Bandwagon

Young Living

Essential Oils.

I’m not going to pretend I didn’t just jump on a bandwagon and join the trend.  I’m ok with that.

I’m also not going to pretend that I know anything about essential oils.  I’m also ok with that.

I am on a very slow and steep learning curve when it comes to essential oils.  I’m writing this post, not as education for you, rather as a way to let you know what I’ve been doing and what I hope to do with essential oils.  I’m exploring essential oils as a way to keep my family happy and healthy, and as an addition to my simplified living ways.  I’ve been cautious with using them with Ezekiel and I’m not comfortable with ingesting them but I’m enjoying what I’ve used so far.

I haven’t used them long enough with enough consistency to truly testify to the benefits of using essential oils but here are some of the ways I have used them:

  • Ezekiel has never been a great night sleeper.  In January he finally had 2 weeks of sleeping through the night and then that abruptly stopped.  In the last week or so I’ve been adding 2 drops of Lavender to his nightly baths and I’ve created a cream (1/4 cup coconut oil with 10 drops Lavender) that I rub on the bottom of his feet and massage in for a couple minutes and he’s started to sleep 12 hours through the night again.  I’m not about to stop doing this to test out whether it’s really the oil that’s helping! I use the cream as a preventative bum cream for him as well.  I tried using it to clear up a rash that was already there but didn’t have luck with that.  I resorted back to disposables for a week and a half with a heavy duty diaper rash cream to clear it up.
  • I’ve diffused almost every oil in my house.  Most often I diffuse Thieves blend.  I did this for over a week and then stopped doing it and when I stopped we all got sick.  I can’t say for certain that we got sick because I stopped diffusing Thieves, but I’ve started diffusing it again in an attempt to get us healthy.  Carlos is sensitive to scents so while he’s home I only do quick 15-20 minutes spurts of diffusing.  I’ve also started rubbing Thieves on the bottom of Carlos and my feet to help our immunity.
  • I’m hoping to revamp our cleaning supply pantry with all homemade supplies made with oils.  Right now I’m using up our supplies we already have and will start to make all natural alternatives once they run out.
  • I’m also toying with the idea of revamping my beauty supplies – this one is more on the back burner but I’m reading lots about it.
  • I’m really hoping to be able to get Carlos to use oils consistently enough to help with the stress and anxiety associated with school and also help with his concentration.

I’ve been following a few blogs for quite some time which contributed to my desire to try out oils.  They have been a great resource and inspiration for me:

Live Simply

it’s the little things

Hello Natural

Very recently I’ve been exploring this website which I’ve found to be a great resource.

I’m all ears for tips and tricks and resources for using oils so please leave some for me!

Just in case you are wondering about why I chose Young Living, there are two reasons.  First their seed to seal policy really appealed to me.  Also the fact that signing up for a wholesale account will save me money in the long run was a huge factor.

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