Passions and Grace

I’m learning more and more about myself in this journey of life.  One thing I’m realizing is that I am so easily inspired.

Oh you’re passionate about something? Tell me about it and it’s likely I’ll be passionate about it as well – the only thing is that my passion that is inspired by you will easily dwindle and I either end up frustrated that I’m not following through, or forgetting about it all together.

Of course there are things in my life I am passionate about, which are born from my own desires and inspiration. These are the things that I have taken up and which have stuck beyond the first initial flame of passion.  Namely in no particular order: nursing, food, simplicity, photography, writing, faith and organization.

In order for a passion to to continue burning and not dwindle they must be fanned, similar to that of a fire.  Simply piling on the fuel doesn’t necessarily mean that the fire will continue, every once in a while you must give it oxygen to continue.  For me, my passions are not always burning high, but the embers never completely go cold which is how I differentiate my own passions from those inspirational passions that I so easily pick up.

For example photography – I will always love to take pictures, for as long as I can remember I’ve really loved documenting life through photos.  There’s evidence of years of pictures in albums and computer files alike.  Every so often I’ll take a break and I won’t take pictures as often as before, but every time I pick up a camera (not iPhone) that passion is aflame again and I’m back to dreaming and imagining through photographs.

Something I really struggle with when it comes to my passion is that I want to be the best at everything – and I’ve never been the best at anything.  My passions are so wide and varied that I’ve never solely focused on one or the other and that has resulted in average everything.  This has been a frustration of mine since high school, I wanted to be the best but could never quite get there.  I’m starting to understand that that is just fine.  There is nothing wrong with being good at many things and not the best at one thing.  There’s a quote from Emily Ley that goes like this:

I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection.

I have taken that up as my mantra this year, and it goes nicely with my one little word THRIVE.  I use it as a screen saver on my phone to always be a reminder that perfection is not the goal in life.  My goal is to live well in the midst of the chaos of life, and every once in a while to center myself and remind myself that grace has a great place in my life.  Grace from God, from myself (for myself) and for those people around me.

Living simply, and thriving in life means fueling my passions and giving grace where it is needed in my frustrations.

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