Monday Musings

I spent the majority of my day getting my house clean from top to bottom.  I went the extra mile in some areas just for the heck of it.  Since it’s Monday, the first Monday of 2015 at that, and the Monday before I start a brand new job I have a burning desire to get life in order and to have a clean slate.

I have a few things mulling in my mind today on how to thrive this year.

I’m working on a goals list that will help me to accomplish my word as well as help me to live a simple life.

I’ve been so muddled down with work and financial stress that I haven’t put much thought into simple living.  I haven’t had much time to work on anything but actually going to work.  I haven’t given time for myself to just relax and “be”.

Part of thriving this year is to make sure that I’m not acquiring clutter – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  I’m still on this journey of de-cluttering and finding simpler ways of living.

I have a few projects in mind to help me de-clutter and live simply and I’ll be sharing them here as I make them happen.  Tomorrow I’ll share my goals list with you – accountability is everything when it comes to goal making and accomplishing.

I hope your Monday was full of wonder and amazement and simple living.

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