Well, today was potentially my last shift on the pediatric oncology unit for 2 months.

Part of thriving for me this year is making difficult choices in order to thrive as a mother and a wife.

Working full time is difficult in and of itself, but working full time 12 hour shift work is especially difficult.  For myself, I love it and I love everything about my job. However, for my husband it was just too stressful alongside school work to take care of Ezekiel.  I made the difficult decision to give up my permanent position to go casual and start looking elsewhere for a position that had better hours.  I prayed and trusted that God would make something work – He always does.  Out of the several resumes I submitted, I interviewed for four positions and was offered a casual position in the adult oncology clinics.

It was bittersweet leaving work today.  I’m sad that I’ll be gone for a while and I’m sad that the amount of work I will have there is uncertain.  I’m excited for a bit of a change of pace, and I’m excited that I get to continue in oncology and learn so much more.  I never imagined that I would love oncology as much as I do, and I never imagined I’d be relieved to continue to work in oncology.

I have a week off before I start my orientation and I’m ready to spend the week organizing and cleaning.  I’m ready to have a week to just do a bit of de-cluttering of my house, my mind, my body, my spirit.  A new year always brings these feelings for me.  I love the idea of starting fresh, and I’m ready to do so.  I’m entering the year in great anticipation of wonderful things to come.  I’ve had a lot of stress coming into this week but when I stepped into my house tonight I had a sense of great relief.  God comes through again, and He knows exactly what I need and how to get me to that point.

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