Thrive 2O15



So good in so many ways.

It was a year of growth, and inspiration.  A year of realizing what’s really important and what needs to be thrown to the wayside.

It was a year full of transitions and challenges and finding out how hard it is to live well in the midst of them.  Finishing up this year I know what I want to work on for 2015.  This year I’m following along in what seems to be a blogland trend and picking my one little word (I did something similar on my birthday).  To find out more about this trend go visit Ali Edwards site.

My one little word:


There are specific things I want to thrive in this year – basically my whole life – but I’ve broken it down.  It may not play out like this and I’m definitely open for it to ebb and flow with the waves of life but at this moment I’m craving these things.  I was going to break them each down one by one but they started to sound more like goals and resolutions which is not what this is about.  This is about basing my day to day life on the idea of thriving in every way.








I’m ready to thrive in whatever way that looks.

Have you picked out your one little word? Please do share or link up your own post about it, I’d love to read it!

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