Dreaming of Coffee


I’m so excited right now.

For a long time I’ve dreamed (side note: I always feel like “dreamed” is an awkward word and try to use “dreamt” which isn’t a word, am I alone in this?!?) about having a separate space in our kitchen for a “coffee bar.”  I want all things coffee and tea to be off of my counter in it’s own cute little space.  Lately, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. I’ve literally been fixated on this idea.  I have it mostly planned out in my head and I’ve been on the hunt for good deals. The first step was finding a suitable piece of furniture to actually inhabit the coffee bar.

I’ve been checking Kijiji incessantly, several times a day – usually once every couple hours and of course in the middle of the night while I’m feeding Ezekiel.  My vision involves a french provincial buffet that I will refurbish myself in a shabby chic distressed white.  My budget is $75.  Do you know how hard it is to find an antique piece of furniture for $75? Nearly impossible! Most of what comes up is pieces of furniture that have already been refurbished – it’s a trend right now.  Everyone and their dog is searching for antiques to refurbish and sell.  The best I could find was an already refurbished buffet for $250-$500, definitely not in the budget!


A few days ago I found the perfect piece.  It’s not French Provincial but is antique, and has the long legs with no shelving on the bottom.  The best part? It comes with a large mirror, 2 chairs and a china cabinet that all match, for a measly $125!!

Are you jumping up and down in excitement for me?

Because I actually want to stop writing and jump up and down in excitement.

$50 over budget, but with 4 extra antique items, there was no way I could turn it down.

Also I just have to say I have the best friends ever, who also search Kijiji for me and then offer to pick up the items for me.



So to celebrate I’ve been on Pinterest finding inspirational photos.  It’ll be a while before it all comes together, but I thought I’d share some of my inspiration with you.

A Beautiful Mess - DIY PEG shelf

This Peg Shelf from A Beautiful Mess is a must! I’m thinking two shelves, the bottom pegged for cups.  The best part is it’s simple to build and budget friendly! But lets be honest, I’ll only start the building project before my husband gets nervous that I’ll cut off my hand and then finishes it for me.

Junk Chic Cottage - Coffee Bar

I almost died when I saw this.  This is coffee bar perfection! The white, the buffet, the shelves, the chalkboard.  I can’t handle it. You guys need to go check out Junk Chic Cottage for the full tour of this bar, it’s so great.

Natalie Creates Coffee Bar

Finally, this cute little space from Natalie Creates! I love that this space was created for under $150.  I love the decor on the shelves and that everything doesn’t perfectly match, but goes perfectly together! I actually already purchased two prints to be placed on our coffee bar shelves and I cannot wait to get them up!

As always I’ll be doing this slow and steady as our budget allows a few extra dollars here and there to finish the space but with the main item purchased I’m finding myself eager to get at it!  It’s not like I needed anything more on my to do list and I’m not going to pressure myself into getting this space finished in the next couple months, but I do want to get the buffet refurbished while the weather is still nice.  I figure two days of nap times should do it and I already have paint that was left in the house when we bought it, so all I have to purchase is some sandpaper!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my dream coffee bar.

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