Simple Thought

I have been really having to remind myself lately to just enjoy the moments.

With the changing season, I’m becoming more and more inspired to do “things” – crafts, baking, cooking, reading, writing, cleaning and the list goes on. With the inspiration to get things done I also get incredibly overwhelmed and then the inspiration quickly dies as I realize just how much I want to get done.  It’s a vicious circle, one that I’ve had happen many times.  This time, however, I’m making sure to be one step ahead.  Every time I feel overwhelmed I remind myself that life is not about the “things,” it’s not about having the house decorated for fall, or getting the perfect sideboard for my dream coffee bar, it’s not about having all the baseboards washed, the walls painted, and the office impeccably organized.

Life is about enjoying each moment as it comes, living in the present tense instead of dwelling on the could haves, should haves, or will dos.

ESPECIALLY the will dos.

I’m a dreamer at heart and it can sometimes carry me away.  While dreaming is valid, important and necessary, making sure you’re enjoying the life you already have is even more so.

So today I am going to enjoy each and every moment and forget about the worries of tomorrow.

Today I choose simplicity. Again.


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