Fall Capsule Wardrobe Success!

Alright, I’m so happy and relieved to say my fall capsule wardrobe is complete!

I’m not going to show everything right now because occasionally I’m going to post my outfits and you’ll see it all there.  I thought I’d go through a bit more detailed process of how I decided what I was going to buy and how I went about shopping.

I get daily emails from stores that I have had success with clothing in the past.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t spend a lot of money on clothing so the stores I shop at are definitely not high end, but make fairly good quality clothing and often have great deals.  On Tuesday I noticed that there was a great deal going on at the Gap Factory store and I had an extra coupon for 15% off if I bought five items! So I quickly did a good search of my closet and nailed down what I wanted to buy.  Here’s how I figured it out:

  • For pants: I had five pairs of pants in my closet, 4 jeans and 1 pair of linen pants.  One pair of jeans I bought because they were $10 and fit pretty great but I’ve since realized I actually don’t like them, so they are going into my garage sale pile for next year.  The linen pants I’ll put away for next summer.  That leaves me with 3 pairs of pants, ideally I’d like 5 so I needed to buy 2.
  • For shirts: I had 13 shirts in my wardrobe in the summer.  I basically got rid of the really bright colored ones, the sleeveless ones and a couple that I had bought that I ended up not really liking.  Sales kill me, I’m learning to be far more intentional with my purchases and thinking through it a little more wisely.  So I got rid of 6 and kept 7 and I want 10 so I needed to buy 3.
  • For sweaters: I had 1 cardigan in my wardrobe already and I want 2 so I needed to buy one.
  • For shoes: this subject is a disaster for me.  I’m a tall girl with really large feet and there is nothing worse for me than shoe shopping. I hate it so much that when I do find a pair of shoes that fit me I’ll buy them and wear them out completely.  The last time I bought a pair of shoes was 3 years ago! My husband started threatening that he wouldn’t go out in public with me unless I bought new shoes because mine were so worn out.  So basically I was starting from scratch, although I had one pair of wedges I liked and a pair of boots that will do me another season.

So there’s the break down of how I decided what I needed. I had bought one shirt last week from Mexx for the fall wardrobe.

My budget for the wardrobe was $150 and that includes the shoes. So off I went to Banana Republic and Gap, they are free standing stores right beside each other and are both outlets.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy something simply because it was a shirt on sale! In both stores I tried on about 10 items.  I was proud when I walked away from really great deals at Banana Republic because they weren’t items I “loved.”  Then I took my time walking through Gap and picked out a lot of stuff that were neutral and that I thought would make great editions to my wardrobe, in the end I had 1 pair of jeans, 2 long sleeve shirts and a cardigan that I really loved, I also picked up a onesie for my son to complete my 5 items to get an extra 15% off.  After all was said and done I paid $90 and saved $120! I was pretty impressed with myself!

Next stop Payless Shoe Store, I didn’t have much hope of finding anything but was VERY pleasantly surprised to discover a brand of shoe that makes cute shoes in my size that aren’t extra wide.  I’m not sure why, but I think shoe companies think that women with big feet must also be large people because most shoes that are 11 or 12’s are also super super wide, so even if they are long enough they don’t fit.  On top of being wide they are never cute. But I actually had a hard time walking away with just 4 pairs! I spent a long time debating which 4 I was going to buy, the sale was buy one get one half off and 3/4 of the shoes I bought were already on a wicked sale.  In the end I bought 2 wedges and 2 flats for $75 and saved $81!

Guys, it was a GREAT day. I was over budget $15 and still missing one pair of pants but I’m counting it a success.  I do have another coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase at Gap Factory in October and there was another pair of jeans I really liked so I may go back and pick them up in October.

I’m so excited about my wardrobe and to challenge myself to create outfits out of the little that I have.  I’m also excited to share that here!


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