Humans vs Fruit Flies

My house is a war zone.

Humans versus Fruit Flies.

Anyone with me?

Is it just me, or does everyone feel slightly ashamed when company comes over and your house is swarming with little black flies? It makes me feel as though I’m the worst house keeper in all of history even though my house is never messy (note: there’s a difference between messy and dirty the latter being more likely to happen in my house).

I am impeccably clean, we never have dishes or old food lying around BUT we always have fresh fruit which means we always have fruit flies.  I guess it’s a price you have to pay to eat healthy, but I’m determined to get my house fruit fly free.

This post is going to prove me wrong to many of my friends.  I’ve been battling fruit flies for some time and years ago I had tried the apple cider trick which did absolutely nothing.  Since that first trial I swore off apple cider vinegar and this year I found that simply putting a banana in a bowl covered with saran wrap with little holes in it caught them like a dream.  The problem with that is that you then have a bowl full of really disgusting little flies.  I started poking a bigger hole in the saran wrap and pouring in vinegar, covering the bowl with a new layer of wrap and shaking it to kill them all.  That’s a bit tedious though isn’t it? And recently I found that my banana trick was just not doing it. So I set out to Pinterest to see what other people were doing.  This isn’t going to be news to many but I was so astounded by the results I just had to share.

Enter the new fly trap.

Fruit Fly Trap

The flies started swarming as I was mixing this up! I honestly couldn’t believe it! I made 5 of them in an attempt to obliterate my enemy.  I have one in the bathrooms upstairs (what’s with them migrating to bathrooms?), one on a kitchen counter, one right beside the fruit bowl and one in my pantry.  I haven’t quite got them all trapped but I’m dang close after just a day of the traps being out.  The brilliant thing about this trap is that the flies drown and sink to the bottom.  You just have to empty it down the drain and refill them.  I’ll admit they aren’t really pretty to look at sitting around my house but if they do their job right I’ll eventually be able to put them away for good. I hope…..

So here’s what you do:

Mix two squirts of dish soap (I used Dawn original, no idea if it has to be that specific) with a splash of apple cider vinegar in a jar.  Make a cone out of a piece of paper and place on top of the jar.  Make sure it doesn’t touch the liquid.  Then let it do it’s job!

Simple and cheap, just the way I like it!

Let me know if you try it, or if you have a better method of killing those vermins!


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