Fall Capsule Wardrobe

OK, let’s talk fashion.

I’m going to be completely honest here.  Fashion is SUPER hard for me.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.  I love pretty things (who doesn’t) but have no idea which pretty things will actually look pretty on me.

Get it?

More often than not you’ll find me in a plain tee with a pair of jeans. There are a few factors that come in to play in this area.  First off, I’m really broke which equals really cheap which leads to clothing I think I really like but I would say 80% of the reason I really like it, is because it’s really cheap.  I don’t think spending money on clothing is a bad thing, I’m actually envious of the people who can spend that $100 on a good pair of jeans and not think twice about it.  I realize that if you spend money on good quality it pays off, BUT I just can’t make clothing my priority because the money just isn’t there, literally.  The second factor is that I lost 75 pounds (!) and have no idea how to dress my new body.  Going from a size 14-16 to a size 6-8 is drastic and things look different now.

Doing this capsule wardrobe idea has really challenged me in a good way (to read more about this visit my Capsule Wardrobe page).  It’s made me actually THINK about the way I want to present myself.  It’s made me be very intentional with my clothes and actually research BEYOND just what’s on sale, and I think I’m going to be OK with not just shopping sales.  I’ve put this post off for a week because it’s been so challenging, but I figured if I write about it now it might help me to solidify what I really want to do for this fall wardrobe.

So here’s what I’ve done so far and what I plan on doing this week.

  1. I Googled fashion style examples to see if I could get some help with what type of fashion style I am.  It led me to this site, I took the quiz and it showed that I have a classic style.  Reading through the description I definitely agreed with it.  Sometimes I’ll buy bright colors but often regret it when I buy too much bright colors because they are hard to mix and match.  So this season I’m going for mostly neutrals, blacks, browns, greys, and whites.
  2. I’ve stared at my current wardrobe, and thought about it long and hard.  Some things I would like to get rid of for the season, like jeans I bought because they were a wicked deal but actually don’t really enjoy wearing.  However there are so many of these items that it’s just not feasible at this point. Next season when I’m back to work I’m hoping to be able to weed out a lot of those items but for this season I’m recycling a lot of what I bought for summer that will work for fall.  I’ll do a detailed post on what I’m keeping and getting rid of a little bit later.
  3. I scoured Pinterest and pinned anything that I thought fit the classic style and that I could see myself wearing.  After pinning many many things I went through that board and narrowed down exactly what items of clothing I thought I would need this fall.  From that I created a shopping list that was pretty specific (black leggings, skinny jeans, brown cardigan etc.).  I’ll do another detailed post on this list as well.
  4. I haven’t done this yet but hopefully will find some time this week.  Go SHOPPING! I need to be strategic with the day I go shopping.  I’ve realized that I don’t really enjoy shopping with anyone, I’d rather go alone and I have to be in the right mindset.  I actually don’t like shopping, it exhausts me and I’m definitely not a window shopper.  When I shop I need a list and I have an exact agenda, I go to the mall for that reason and that reason alone.  I don’t linger, I don’t try on what I don’t think I’ll like, and I don’t browse just to see what’s there.  So if I go into H&M, I’m going specifically to try on X,Y, and Z.  Browsing websites is useful for this.

I’m actually pretty excited about this.  When it comes to clothing my husband and I lie on two different spectrum’s, he likes to hoard clothing and he loves to dress up.  I like to dress up but I’m not confident enough to do it daily and I haven’t committed to a fashion style that I feel comfortable with all the time.  I also have 1/10 of the amount of clothing he has because I wear my clothes until they are completely destroyed, and then I buy a couple pieces to replace them.  I think having this capsule wardrobe will change that, and also give me a sense of style that I’m comfortable with, that looks classy and that my husband will love.  Let me be real and say that I always feel better in my clothing when my husbands first reaction after seeing me is “You are so beautiful.”

So expect to see more on my capsule wardrobe this week!

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