Living Room Tour

We moved into our large (for us) house just over 1 year ago and for the last year I have been VERY slowly adding decor here and there.  I’m a minimalist by nature but I still enjoy having pretty things all over my house.  I want(ed) to be very careful with how I choose to decorate.  I want(ed) to take my time and have things that I really LOVE.  I also need(ed) to do it on a very tight budget.

I’m not sure how you would describe our style, we really love having antiques, but we like a modern feel as well.  So I guess our style is a mash up of both.

Apart from Ezekiel’s nursery, the living room/sitting room is the only room that is even remotely close to being finished, so I thought I’d take you for a tour and show you how we decorated on a budget.

Living Room TourLiving Room Tour

I really love that we went with white in this room, the color on the wall was there when we moved in.  The walls are a shade darker than I would like, and eventually the whole house will be painted in white (I’m serious about my white), but for now this works.

The couch is something we had been dreaming about for years, and people always have something to say about it. Everyone loves it, but everyone also thinks we’re a bit on the foolish side having a white leather couch with a baby in the house, and more babies to come.  I have never regretted the decision, and honestly the couch was the same price as any other sectional, so we didn’t spend a small fortune on it.  I always make sure to have blankets available to use when someone is wearing dark jeans, and I try not to leave pens laying around.  We’ve already had some mishaps including jeans and pen and pop, BUT it all got cleaned off and the couch still looks great.  So say what you will, but we will always love our white couch.

That painting on the wall is an oil painting done by one of my closest friends specifically for our space.  She even painted it right by the fireplace.  It will always hold a special place in my heart and home.  You’ll notice as we go on that she and her husband have played a huge role in decorating our living room.  When I can finally convince them to open an Etsy shop I’ll be sure to let you know!

Living Room Tour

The fireplace will always be a work in progress but I think for now I’m happy enough with it.  We had a lot of discussion over (not) placing a TV there.  I was (am) very against it because I feel like TV just adds another distraction in life.  I really wanted this space to be peaceful and calm.  Having a TV over the fireplace would inevitably lead to having the TV on anytime we were in the room.  I’m against screen time for my kids and didn’t want to be constantly having that battle.  So far I’m winning! My husband has conceded and also agrees with no TV for Ezekiel, so for now we are a no TV family.

Living Room Tour

I love this gold foil print.  I purchased it on an online deal from ThePaperShoppeCA.

Living Room Tour

This ampersand is definitely a favorite! I purchased it from one of my favorite bloggers Elise Blaha Cripe.  Each month she releases a limited edition hand made item.  When I saw she was releasing this one I knew I had to have it, so I set my alarm to make sure I got one.  I think it’s perfect here.

The hurricane candle holder behind the ampersand and the clock were both purchased with a gift card I received from HomeSense.

The vase, Whiskey (?) bottle, and the three arm candle holders were all purchased a few years ago from a thrift store.  I spray painted them to match the space.

Living Room Tour

These planters were standard terracotta planters purchased from the dollar store.  I spent a day or two painting them white and gold.  Unfortunately I also painted them with a gloss finish so that I could easily wipe them clean, and then they yellowed.  Also the flowers I planted in them died.  Just an all around disappointment! It’s easy enough to fix, I just haven’t mustered up the energy to do it.

The red lantern was purchased years ago at winners for $10.

Living Room Tour

The book ends were bought at a thrift store for a couple bucks and spray painted white.  Most of the books on the mantle are thrifted as well except the Pride and Prejudice.   That copy of Pride and Prejudice was given to my grandmother from her uncle and has now made it to my hands.  My grandmother was an English teacher and loved literature.  I inherited that love, so having a copy of one of my all time favorite books that is a family heirloom is pretty special to me.

Living Room Tour

Both my husband and I love plants and are aiming to collect many more.  This orchid was given to me for my birthday.  I’m not totally sold on it being in the living room, but for now it adds some cheer.  The flowers on the coffee table were also given to me on my birthday.  I’ve diligently changed the water and clipped the stems to try and preserve them for as long as possible.  Having fresh flowers in the house is a luxury I can’t afford on a weekly basis, so I’m taking it all in.  Living Room Tour

This is a close up of the birch pedestal candle holders (with no candles on them yet!) that sit to the right of the fireplace.  My friend and her husband went birch hunting specifically for this purpose.  We peeled away a few layers of bark then screwed them securely together.  This metal strap was found by them in an abandoned barn and was a perfect addition for it.

Living Room Tour

These smaller birch pedestals were done at the same time.  I’m going to dowel out the center to fit tea lights eventually.  Right now they are a baby safe decoration.

Living Room Tour

These coasters were made by the same friends.  They made them for my baby shower and I fell in love.  Everyone who sees them comments on how great they are and I couldn’t agree more.

So there you have it.  My incredibly budget friendly living room with many thanks to great friends who made it possible!  I still have a few ideas I want to try.  I feel like it’s not quite finished but I do love the space so much already.  More than anything, I’m happy I have achieved the peaceful atmosphere I was going for.

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