Simple Thought

Sunrise Saskatchewan

Here’s a Saturday Simple Thought:

Earlier this week I was putting Ezekiel into the car after browsing through Chapters.

This simple act is something I do daily, undo stroller belts, lift him up, kiss his cheek, tell him he’s my favorite, place him in the car and do up the belts.

This particular day as I was bent down adjusting the seat belt I hear someone call out, “Excuse me, ma’am.”

I looked up to find a 50 something man, who looked somewhat ragged yet put together, standing in front of my car.

As I look at him a little bewildered he says, “I was passing by and couldn’t pass up the chance to come back just to let you know you have a beautiful healthy looking young man, and you are a great momma to him.”

Again I looked for a second, taken aback by this strangers kindness.  Then quickly I snap back to reality, offer a smile and simply say, “Thank you.”

He walked away, I finished my task and drove home.

I couldn’t shake the gratitude I felt from that 30 second encounter.

Kindness is always the right choice, yet I feel like I’m all too often consumed by the task at hand to stop and offer it.  I rarely notice the people around me because I’m too focused on what I need to do.  As I strive to live a simpler life I hope I can take the time to offer kindness to the strangers around me.


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