In The Garden

I was so incredibly excited for this year’s garden.  I started way back on March 20 planting my own seedlings, which was a bit later than most people do but it’s always better late than never!  Daily from March 20 until today I have watched my plants grow, or try very hard to grow anyways.  There has been some victories and I have celebrated them with glee! There have been far more failures, and I have definitely learned from them.  I’m already dreaming up next years garden which will include a brand new box with a cut flower garden.  I love fresh flowers but will almost never spend the money on a grocery store bouquet.  I’m excited to hopefully grow a garden that will bloom in every season so that I can have a burst of life and color in the house.

I’ve found gardening to be fairly low maintenance, and always enjoyable.  I love to be outside, even cutting the grass is a chore I look forward too.  Growing my own plants has definitely been a stress reliever and I can’t wait to continue to learn.  I plan on planting some herbs for inside and adding many more indoor plants to our space.  Both my husband and I think they add great things to home decor, the more plants the better!  My husband mentioned wanting to feel like he was in a forest of plants, not sure we’ll go that far but definitely more plants to come!

Here’s a glimpse at what the garden looks like today, and what we’ve harvested so far!

Left Garden Sept 3, 2014This is the left garden today.  What’s left: tomatoes, zucchini and beets

Right Garden Sept 3/14

This is the right garden today.  What’s left: potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, pumpkin, squash.

Cherry tomatoes! I’m especially proud having grown my tomato plants from seed.

First potato harvest.  Lots of tiny-small ones but they are yummy!


I didn’t think I would have any carrots, they all looked so wimpy.  Today I was cleaning them out and was ecstatic to find a few cute babies! I probably should have let them all grow longer.


Second tomato harvest, and I even have one medium sized that vine ripened!

So as you can see I’m not even close to a great gardener but I’m definitely a great learner!

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