For Year 29

Last week I was reflecting on my birthday coming up, and I realized that I had a desire to live this year very intentionally.  Borrowing from an idea of a couple bloggers, I decided to choose one word for my 29th year.  It should come as no surprise that my word is: SIMPLICITY.  This was before I decided to make this blog a reality, but I think that blogging about simplicity will make it a bit easier to carry through, and less easy to let this passion dwindle.

I wrote in my journal what my desire for this year of simplicity is and I’m going to share it here.

To live in a way that the things around me are not distracting me from the things that matter.  To have time to “be” me and to always be “present” in the moments.  To be able to enjoy my husband and my son without needing to control each and every second spent together.  To be able to engage fully with God, deepening my prayer life, and thus my spiritual life.  To reuse more than I buy new.  To pay off debt and start saving, while living in a one income household.  To de-clutter physically, mentally and spiritually.  To eat food as close to it’s natural state as possible.  To make time for me – to treat my body as the beautiful creation it is.  To treat the Earth as the beautiful creation it is.  To get back to the basics so that in the midst of the craziness around me, I can be a light that shines love and hope for the future.

I also wrote a list of goals I would like to accomplish.  I aimed to make my goals measurable and attainable:

  1. Pay off credit cards and cancel Visa
  2. Do capsule wardrobe
  3. Get picture books printed
  4. Get pictures printed for wall galleries
  5. Finish current projects and don’t start anything new until they are done (this one is going to be TOUGH, I’m constantly seeing things I want to start or try)
    1. Ezekiel’s canvas
    2. Office Posters
    3. Large scripture wall art
    4. Corner cabinet refurbish
    5. Gold boxes
    6. Herb garden
  6. Garden 2015 (I’m already dreaming about this)
  7. Professional
    1. Finish chemo certification
    2. Get charge trained
    3. Focus on expanding my knowledge by reading more literature, attending inservices etc.
  8. Learn Portuguese
  9. Get physically strong (start exercising!)
  10. Document life (Photos/Journals)

I’m excited for year 29 and all that it’s going to bring!



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